How to turn your HD TV into a Smart TV

December 28, 2012

Recently opened website gave me all I needed to get started and convert my boring HD TV into a smart TV. I followed their great MK802 III review and got myself one of these dongles.

So far I’m super happy with it, except for a tiny error that pops up once in a while: “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”. I’ll follow them up on MakeSmartTV to see if they have a solution for this, but in the meantime, Going to “settings->apps->running” and stopping the “google” related processes seems to do the trick.

Other sites suggest to upgrade the firmware, so I’ll look into that as well.

The MK802 III is a vast improvement VS the MK802, and I am glad I followed their advice. Now I can finally watch HD videos without the annoying sounds of my PS3 in the background.



Javascript VS S-JIS VS IE6 VS UTF-8

February 28, 2008

We just had a weird bug today on some UTF8 page, with Internet Explorer 6.

The included javascript file refused to work, IE6 giving us an error message saying “Object Expected”. Everything was fine on other browsers (IE7, Firefox, Safari)

Removing the comments (!) from the script file solved the problem. The comments where written in Shift JIS (which also means the script file was in SJIS), can it be related somehow ?

The same script file is working fine on a SJIS encoded html page

Is Internet Explorer 6 trying to load the script as a UTF8 file because the html page is encoded as UTF8 ?

should we specify the encoding of the script file when calling it from the html file ?